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GTFS-ride Files

This standard builds on top of GTFS and adds files necessary for ridership data standardization and reporting. The files that GTFS-ride adds are:

File NameRequiredDescription
board_alight.txtoptionalTracks boardings/alightings along with associated information at stop-level.
trip_capacity.txtoptionalProvides the capability to identify the capacities of vehicles used to provide service.
rider_trip.txtoptionalIncludes anonymized data about specific riders' trip.
ridership.txtoptionalProvides the capability to supply ridership counts at various levels of aggregation.
ride_feed_info.txtrequiredInformation specific to the source and attributes of the additional ridership files.

Full detail on each file is available in the GTFS-ride specification.

GTFS-ride File Relationships

GTFS-ride File Relationships